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In the northen-western area of Tuscany, at the borders with Liguria and Emilia, lies Carrara, famous all over the world for its valued white marble. It is the town of white marble, of the contrasts between the colours of the Alps and the sea and of the many artists, who, through the years, have chosen its fabulous marble to realize the most beautiful artistical works in the world.


Piazza AlbericaThe name "Carrara" probably comes from the ancient word "Kar" which means "stone". The town has medieval origins: in that period, because of the decadence of the port of Luni and the menace of the barbaric invasion, the populations were compelled to move towards the inland. Carrara is surrounded by small mountain towns, in which, in particular in the last century, the quarrymen lived. Carrara reveals a stunning contrast to the tourist's eyes: a sea town surrounded by white mountains, which are often believed covered of snow, instead of made of marble.


Il porto di CarraraCarraraThe port of Marina di Carrara is the most important port in the world for the loading and unloading of marbles and granites. Along the coast several bathing establishments colour the golden beaches, framed by green pine-woods, which surround also the huge expository area of the town. In this area are prepared several fairs and reviews, the most important of which is the "International Fair for Marble Machinery and Services" hosting a great number of operators of this area from all over the world. So, Carrara has became a world-wide fame centre of trade and manufacture of marble.


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